REMOTE CONTROL: Make your drink from across the room (just don't forget to put a cup under the spout). Find your favorite mixed drink on the menu, enter the number on the remote and watch DigiDrink make your drink.

ORIGINAL CONTAINERS: DigiDrink operates with standard 750ml (1/5 bottles) and 2 liter containers. This allows long-term storage of ingredients making it suitable for commercial use or for home wetbars. It's also fun to watch each ingredient as it makes its way to your cup.

SIZE: DigiDrink is 32 inches wide, 7 inches deep and 23 inches tall. It runs on ordinary house current.

For all of these features, $100 will get you a one party rental of a DigiDrink (you supply the alcohol and the mixers). Standard and customized recipes and menus are available. Non-alcoholic menus are also available (great for kids' parties).