Once the recipes for your favorite drinks are programmed into DigiDrink, you can make your selection from the menu. With 8 different ingredients, a typical menu would have up to 4 menu choices like:

          1 = Gin & Tonic
          2 = Rum & Coke
          3 = Screwdriver (vodka + orange juice)
          4 = Margarita (tequila + margarita mix)

But DigiDrink recipes are not limited to only 2 ingredients. DigiDrink can be programmed to mix up to 5 different ingredients into one drink. Note that as the number of ingredients for a particular drink goes up, the number of other drinks you can select goes down:

          1 = S*x on the Beach (vodka + peach schnapps + cranberry juice + orange juice)
          2 = Melon Ball (vodka + melon liqueur + lemonade)
          3 = Bourbon & Coke

Of course you could combine some of the ingredients above into more drinks but we've found that limiting a menu to 3 or 4 choices works out best.

We can customize ingredients and drink names for any occasion and include custom logos on your menu.